Corpus Sanctum

custom tattooing


- When I was a kid, I already was obsessed with drawing, playing music and the interaction between these forms of art. I have a very creative family so art is in my genes.

- I studied art at Sint-Lucas in Ghent.

- At 18, I started working in a factory to fulfil my financial responsibilities. After work I was airbrushing, drawing comics, designing posters, … I also was very interested in the stories drawn on old men’s chests, tattoos in general, I went to conventions and tried to get my hands on tattoo magazines (which were very difficult to find those days).

- I learned by watching people tattooing, and when the first victims came to me, I bought my own tattoo machines and started experimenting with them.

- Not much later I was tattooing in the Street, a tattoo shop in Ghent.

- Shortly after I opened my own shop, Saint Peters Tattoo Parlour, near the train station of Ghent. But roadworks put a spoke in my wheels. People couldn’t reach nor park at the shop.

- In 2004 I started working in a partnership with Body Metals. They pierced and I tattooed. It was a marvelous learning platform to try different styles, learn new techniques and find out what I really wanted to do. I also started tattooing at conventions those days.

- In Octobre 2010 I opened my own Tattoo & Art Gallery, Corpus Sanctum. Having my own opening hours and workplace, I take time to learn to know what my costumers want, I only work by appointment.

I expose different forms of art in the gallery, eg. graffiti, paintings, sketches, …

I want to keep tattooing at conventions, because I want to keep learning more techniques, I also want to keep meeting new people. And get my name out, of course.

I also have some space left to have other artists come over and do guestspots in the shop.

Later on I want to organize workshops, vernissages, and loads, loads more.

- To be continued…